ING Visa Classic

Credit card details

Card limit:

2000 euros


18 euros per year


  • Delivery insurance for online purchases up to 500 euro per year
  • Travel accident insurance up to 130,000 euro per trip
  • Automatic reimbursement from your current account


ING Visa Classic credit card from ING Bank in Belgium is a secure and easy to use credit card. You can use it in Belgium or abroad to pay in stores, restaurants, on the internet at your favorite online shop or to withdraw money.

ING Visa Classic credit card comes also with a set of benefits like free insurance like a travel accident insurance or on internet purchased goods delivery insurance.

The spending cycle closes on the 27th of every month and you ING current account linked to your Visa Classic credit cards will be debited automatically 9 calendar days later. You have access through ING Home Bank online or through their applications for smartphones and tablets to all of your expenses so you can better track your spending habits.

At a cost of 18 euros per year and only 10 euros per year if you are under 25, this is a fairly good option for a credit card in Belgium.

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