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About us

moneySaver.be is designed to help people in Belgium compare, research and apply for a new credit card. Our aim is to provide Belgians with an accurate overview of the banking market in the country, thus making easier the task of finding a better credit card. Every month we help hundreds of people get a better deal when applying for a new credit card and start saving money.

moneySaver.be provides the best solution to the complex problem of choosing the right credit cards. It is our mission to create a user experience that makes it easier than ever for people to find a credit card that will save them money and earn more advantages.

We put ease of use, speed, fairness and transparency at the very center of our business.

We would like to hear your opinion on this site. Do not hesitate to send us feedback if you find errors or if there are things you dislike. This site is constantly updated taken also into account the feedback from our users.

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