Are you a student in Belgium? Also for a student it is possible to apply for a credit card, even if you have a low income or no income at all. There are special student credit cards that will be perfect for your current life stage. These student credit cards are much cheaper than regular credit cards. Another notable difference between regular and student credit cards is that they in general have a lower spending limit. And that is quite logical: students in general have less to spend. You will pay a low yearly fee and you will also have a lower card limit. This allows you as a student to use your credit card safely but surely. Your card won't cost you that much and you will be able to make a reasonable amount of purchases.

Why would you need a credit card as a student? A lot of students like to travel and discover the world. Is this also the case for you? During those travels you will surely have discovered that a credit card can be very convenient, as you often need a credit card to reserve a hotel or book a flight. But even when you are traveling and you want to pay quickly and easily abroad, a credit card comes in handy.

Another nice benefit of having a credit card as a student in Belgium is that they often offer attractive programs or discounts. For example, there are student credit cards that include travel insurances or purchase insurances. This way you will be able to travel or shop more safely. You will have less to worry about and more to enjoy.

So let's summarize the many benefits of the student credit cards:

Choose your credit card wisely by comparing the different student credit cards available. Cheapest is not always best. Make a list with the pros and cons and make the best choice for you. With a student credit card you can enjoy your student life to the max. But remember to do it responsibly.

What are the student credit cards in Belgium? Read on to discover cards with attractive student benefits for you.


Check the list of available credit cards!


Beobank Young MasterCard

Beobank Young MasterCard


Card limit:

750 euros


5 euros/year


  • 2 exclusive insurances: Purchase protection and Safe online
  • 5 EUR bonus in the first year
  • Accepted all over the world

Beobank MasterCard Student offers an attractive credit limit of 750 euro and an exclusive insurance for purchases. For the first year you can enjoy of 5 euro offered as gift by Beobank MasterCard Student and you can track your expenses in real time via Beobank Online and Beobank Mobile.

The annual rate of the credit card is 13.49% and the annual subscription fee is only 5 euro.

  • Purchase protection
  • Student card
  • Pay back in installments
  • Contactless
Not available


Card limit:




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