Belfius MasterCard White

Credit card details

Card limit:

1250 euros


12 euros per year


  • Earn rebates Épargnez & Cueillez for 5 EUR and take advantage of promotions and benefits offered by our partners and benefit from exclusive advantages to Disneyland Paris.
  • Manage everything online or with our Self Service Banking


Belfius Mastercard White it's a smart option to buy now and pay up to one month later anywhere in Belgium, abroad and on the internet.

The card has a spending limit of 1250 euro and you can manage everything online with your Self Service Banking. Belfius Mastercard White comes with rebates at Épargnez & Cueillez, for 5 euro and you can take advantage of promotions and benefits offered by Belfius Mastercard partners. If you have less than 29 years old in the first year you will not pay any monthly fee.

With Belfius Mastercard White you can do withdrawals from ATMs in Belgium and abroad: 620 euro/4 days.

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