Updated on: 06 Apr 2018

What are the best travel credit cards in Belgium and what are their advantages. But we will also take a look at their annual costs.

Especially the VISA and MasterCard and the various providers here in Belgium.

The advantages of travel credit cards.

We are now looking at best 3 travel credit cards more in detail, to their costs and advantages:

1. Beobank World Travel MasterCard

This Beobank World Travel MasterCard gives many different advantages. The advantages of this credit card are very useful when you travel. Any traveler who has a World Travel MasterCard will have automatically an international travel insurance, purchase protection insurance, insurance during an accident while traveling, insurance for delayed arrival of luggage and also if your luggage has not arrived. Does your plane suffered a delay? You must cancel your flight at the latest moment? At Beobank all this is included and insured. That is why Beobank World Travel MasterCard belongs in Belgium to the best credit cards for traveling category.

You can also enjoy a bonus with the miles system, starting from 5,000 miles to qualify for various gifts. Annually, it costs only 50 € and this card has a limit of € 5,500.

2. Beobank Premium Flying Blue World MasterCard

Beobank Premium Flying Blue World MasterCard provides the same advantages as the above mentioned World Travel MasterCard from Beobank. Also, this credit card is very convenient for the travelers among us. A limit of € 5,000 and an annual fee of € 150. When you apply for this credit card at Beobank you will receive till 31/05/2017 5,000 extra miles as a gift. Planning to book a flight with Air France? Then each € you have spent will be converted to 1.5 miles. For all other purchases anywhere, you get another 1.25 miles as bonus for every € spent. Beobank gives you here the option to pay off all at one time and offers also a flexible repayment solution depending on your capabilities.

3. Beobank Flying Blue World MasterCard

With Beobank Flying Blue World MasterCard, all miles remains valid till when you book at least one flight each 20 months with Air France, KLM or one of their Skyteam partners. Also here you can pay off each month depending on your budget or pay off all at one time. A welcome bonus of 3,500 miles you will receive up to 31.05.2017. For every € spent for any purchase with this credit card , will be converted to one mile. Of course, this credit card while traveling offers all the benefits regarding insurances as the other two already highlighted MasterCard credit cards.

Which other banks are offering travel credit cards?

KBC has two different MasterCards on the market, namely KBC MasterCard Gold and MasterCard Platinum KBC. With the KBC Gold Card a travel cancellation insurance up to € 6000 is included and with the KBC Platinum card you have even a cancellation insurance policy up to 10000 €.

ING Bank has the ING Visa Classic and regarding the MasterCards they are offering the ING MasterCard and also the ING MasterCard Gold. The MasterCard Gold credit card has a limit up to € 5,000 and the classic MasterCard has a limit up to € 2000.

Other providers in Belgium are Record Bank, Cofidis, Keytrade Bank and AXA Bank.

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