Updated on: 16 Jan 2021

2020 offered the credit cards users in Belgium a wealth of benefits and rewards from discounts to insurances and to the possibility of paying back in instalments. Belgian card users had plenty of credit cards offers from where to choose. Thanks to a relatively healthy economy and competition for consumers, issuers launched new products with attractive incentives.

In 2021, consumers can continue to enjoy rich credit card rewards as long as they take care to avoid high-interest debt.

Here are a few trends for the credit card market in 2021:

1. More co-branded credit cards will come to Belgium

The big brands will bring their credit cards to the EU in 2021 and cards like Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature, Uber Visa, Starbucks Visa or PlayStation Visa might be very soon available in Belgium as well. Retailers often view a branded card to capitalize on customer loyalty and taking into account the generous rewards they are offering, many customers will be happy to sign up. If your favourite retailer doesn't yet have a spot in your wallet, there's a good chance it will soon.

Some are already here like the Neckermann MasterCard, the IKEA credit card or the Carrefour VISA, many more will come this year.

2. Credit card spending

As the Belgian economy moves faster and faster to a cashless one, people will continue to increase their credit card usage as a proportion of their overall spending. Some businesses, especially restaurants that cater to lunch crowds, say going cashless can save them time and money. They don't need to count cash at the end of the day, and transactions at the register often move more quickly.

This is a big opportunity for consumers that use rewards based credit cards in their daily lives and manage to use the right type of credit card for the right type of purchase. If you use the benefits of your credit cards to the fullest you might end up saving at least 800 euros at the end of the year.

3. More contactless options

Paying with your credit card without swiping or inserting it might sound futuristic if you're not already a convert, but a growing number of consumers are using contactless cards, and even more will do so this year.

More and more card issuers are adding such options to their cards like Beobank or Cofidis. For consumers who enjoy convenience and speed, that's something to look forward to.

4. Premium cards will offer even more luxury benefits

Premium cardholders have come to expect perks including airport lounge access, high rewards rates, travel miles credits and travel insurances. To stand out, issuers might have to get even more creative. You can expect other partnerships between issuers and high-end brands. ING is sending you to Tomorrowland or gives you the chance to earn back money while shopping with ING+ deals, Beobank offers you holidays discounts with Neckermann or offers a range of discounts credit cards. First-class upgrades, spa treatments and champagne-filled events are all possibilities in this highly competitive world.

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