Updated on: 20 Feb 2021

If you're looking for a free credit card, then you're in luck. In Belgium you have quite a few choices of free credit cards, at least for the first year. Several banks in Belgium offer this type of credit cards: Cetelem, Buy Way, Argenta, Axa Bank, Carrefour Finance, Cofidis or Europabank.

No matter if you want a cash reserve for your monthly expenses, a shopping credit card or an online purchases credit card. With a 0 annual cost credit card you can check your spending habits, your purchases structure and find out if a credit card with more advantages will be better suited for your needs.

In general, the free credit cards in Belgium have a very restricted amount of advantages you can make use of. They will generally won't have a travel or purchases insurance nor will they give you cash back offers or a wide range of discounts, like the ones available for the paid credit cards. But, nevertheless, they will help you out when you need to dig into that cash reserve for any problem that might occur. You won’t have to pay anything for owing the card nor will you be forced to use it if you have any other means at your disposal, you can use it as a safety net for those unpredictable events in your life.

We're going to walk you through the different options available, showing you the main advantage of each credit card.

Credit Card



Cetelem Maestro


Cash reserve

Buy Way Mastercard

Buy Way

Cash reserve

Argenta MasterCard


Cash reserve

Axa Bank Visa Classic

Axa Bank

Cash reserve, Online purchases

Carrefour Finance Visa Basic

Carrefour Finance

Payback in 12 installments, Discounts

Europabank MasterCard


Cash reserve, Online purchases

Europabank Visa


Cash reserve, Contactless payments

Keytrade Visa Classic


Cash reserve, Purchase Insurance, Discounts

With the full picture of the available free credit cards in Belgium you can now make an informed decision and choose the one that offers the right advantages for you.

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