Updated on: 16 Mar 2021

What is a MasterCard Gold credit card?

MasterCard Gold is a credit card branded by MasterCard Incorporated, a major technology and global payments company. MasterCard Gold cards are available to individual consumers and to small, mid-size and large businesses with a variety of needs and incomes. A wide variety of banks in Belgium, including Argenta, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, Belfius and Cofidis, issue MasterCards Gold to consumers. MasterCard itself does not issue cards, it only processes the card transactions. Each issuer decides what terms and rewards to offer consumers for the card. What these cards all have in common, regardless of the issuing financial institution or card type, is that consumers can use them at any business that accepts MasterCard cards.

MasterCard Gold credit cards in Belgium

We are going to take a closer look to the upper class of credit cards available in Belgium. In this article we'll present a comparison between the MasterCard Gold credit cards made available by the banks in Belgium. MasterCard Gold credit cards cost a bit more than a regular credit car but it also comes with some advantages that the rest of the cards available on the market don't have like higher spending limits, travel insurances or purchased good insurance.

We will compare all this credit cards on the costs and the benefits they bring to your from the all banks that offer them in Belgium.

Top MasterCard Gold credit cards in Belgium
Credit card Cost Limit Features
Argenta MasterCard Gold 40 euros/year 5000 euros
  • travel insurance: trip cancellation, travel accident and travel assistance
  • insurance fraud (protection against card fraud)
  • insurance against theft at a cash withdrawal
  • purchases insurance: buying protection, guaranteed delivery of online shopping, ticket cancellation and extended warranty

BNP Paribas Fortis MasterCard Gold

46 euros/year 5000 euros
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Purchase protection (including online purchases)
  • Fraud insurance
  • Avis Preferred Club
  • Hertz Gold Plus Reward
  • Épargnez & Cueillez
  • Fidelity bonus (12 transactions per year = 1 month free of Premium Pack)
Belfius MasterCard Gold 78 euros/year 2500 euros
  • Trip annulation and cancellation insurance
  • Insurance for goods bought online
  • Earn rebates Épargnez & Cueillez for 5 EUR and take advantage of promotions and benefits offered by our partners and benefit from exclusive advantages to Disneyland Paris.
Cofidis MasterCard Gold 5 euros/year 10000 euros
  • Travel insurance (accident, lost luggage, delayed flight)
  • Assistance insurance (hospitalisation, repatriation)
  • Purchase protection (including online purchases)
ING Mastercard Gold 40 euros/year 5000 euros
  • Purchase protection insurance
  • Delivery of items purchased online insurance
  • Extended guarantee
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Card fraud insurance
KBC MasterCard Gold 49 euros/year 5000 euros
  • Travel cancellation insurance included up to 6,000 euros
  • Online purchase protection for safe delivery of goods
  • Get two years' warranty on certain purchases on top of the two years required by law
  • Things you buy on your card are covered for up to 90 days after purchase for theft and accidental damage.

As you can see from the table above most of the credit cards come with the standard travel insurance and purchase protection insurance for the goods that you bought with this credit cards. Some of them are part of the Épargnez & Cueillez offers, like BNP Paribas Fortis MasterCard Gold and Belfius MasterCard Gold. Others have card fraud insurance like Argenta MasterCard Gold, BNP Paribas Fortis MasterCard Gold, ING MasterCard Gold.

When we look at the costs Cofidis MasterCard Gold offers the best deal with a cost of only 5 euros per year whilst Belfius MasterCard Gold costs 78 euros per year.

In terms of initial credit limit Cofidis MasterCard Gold offers you 10000 euros whilst at the other end Belfius MasterCard Gold only offers you a limit of 2500 euros

There are a few choices of MasterCard Gold credit cards offered by the Belgium banks and here you have all the information needed in order to make the best decision based on your priorities and spending habits, thus helping you to save money.

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